All of the «Nature’s Protection» range products only contain natural components and are the perfect way to satisfy the true needs of cats and dogs. Natural ingredients help to maintain the pets’ health throughout all of their lives. According to the experts, cats and dogs should get their proteins from animal sources, which is why all of the «Nature’s Protection» products contain the proteins from the meats of highest quality. The feed contains only the natural ingredients that are favourable for the pet’s health. The specialists confirm, that the «Nature’s Protection» super-premium feeds range provides the high-grade nutrition for the pets. One can choose the most suitable option of the vast list of the dry feeds, canned foods and pouches. The range also includes the treats, food additives and dry milk formula for puppies and kittens. All the feeds are developed to deliver all the necessary nutrition, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins to your pets organism, to keep them healthy and full of energy. All of the products contain MicroZeoGen (clinoptilololite of the volcanic origin) — it is an exclusive novelty of all the product range and an innovation in the sphere of animal foods development. MicroZeoGen is helpful for gastric acidosis and can eliminate toxins from the

Grant your pet a long and healthy life!


ARATON is the wide range of the dry feeds, canned foods and treats for cats and dogs. One can choose the perfect nutrition for their pets, according to their age, size and lifestyle. There are ARATON products either for active and energetic puppies and kittens or for calm and quiet pets. This is an exclusive pet food made out of the best raw materials. The composition of the food provides the pets with the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin E as the main antioxidant. The owners who really care for their pets and who truly want them to feel well and look spectacular all the time will be surprised, as the ARATON products range doesn’t only help to avoid allergic reactions, but also helps to improve the digestion.

To satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and needs, we’ve developed 27 different kinds of feed: 18 for dogs and 9 for cats.


Every pet is unique and all of them deserve the most exceptional care. The specialized «Superior Care» dry feed product range for cats and dogs was created to satisfy the specific needs of our four-legged friends. The home pets who have problems with fur, skin, digestion (Grain-free), tearing or allergies should always get the healthy and balanced nutrition, that can only be provided with the specialized foods. During the last few years, the breeders in Lithuania and in the whole world have acknowledged «Superior Care» as one of the most effective ways to solve the health problems listed above. You will see the positive effects of the balanced «Superior Care» food enriched with vitamins and minerals within a month from the day you start feeding it to your pet.

All the pets enjoy eating Superior Care, so taking care of their health and their beautiful looks has become much easier.