Please, meet Quantum. No, he doesn’t work for TOV “Kormax Trade”, but if it wasn’t for him or for a few more equally adorable cats and dogs with an amazing appetite our company wouldn’t probably appear. In our attempts to select the balanced nutrition for our pets we’ve found a perfect product — the pet food “Nature’s Protection”. Few people would dare to open a coffee house just for the sake of a morning cup of coffee every now and then, yet we went in for it. Now we broaden our product range in such a way that you can purchase all the goods your pet needs in a single place. And we believe you should buy from us because…

…we only have thoroughly tested products
We are extremely strict about choosing the goods to work with. If we ourselves are not ready to use anything for our own pets we would never add it to our product range. You can be sure, that there are thorough testing and the constant quality control behind every item that we sell. Our partners will never feel ashamed of the products that we represent.

…we have the carefully adjusted warehouse logistics controlled by the WMS system
We allocate the goods at the warehouse in the most effective way and we constantly control the stock balance. All of the popular feeds are always available and we are ready to send the package you need to any destination point in Ukraine within 12 hours from the order placement.

…we have a well-tuned delivery system
All of our products come from abroad yet we’ve tuned our inner processes in such a way that our clients wouldn’t notice that. We control the goods availability and order everything beforehand, bearing in mind the time necessary for the delivery and the customs clearance. The new shipment will arrive before the last package of your pet’s favourite food or any other product is gone.

…we hire the salespeople with the adequate training
When you dial our phone number it won’t be a random person who picks up the phone. All of our sales people know the company assortment and have gone through the adequate training concerning the pets nutrition and care. They can reasonably offer a perfect product for your four-legged friend.

Join more than 10 000 happy clients of TOV “Kormax Trade” who take care of their pets’ health and beauty!